My name is Kimiyoshi Kurihara and I am working on a small island called Tsushima located in the western part of Japan as a volunteer missionary with my Korean wife and two daughters.

Before we moved to this island, I worked in South Korea for six years as a Japanese language teacher. One day I felt God impressing me to go to the island where there were no Adventist Christians to share the Gospel.

We had resisted this call by God many times because we were afraid of living with no salary and making a major sacrifice by giving up everything. However, God gave us strength and courage to go forward. He has promised that if we obey and trust in Him, He will help us through all of the difficulties and provide for all of our needs, even when things seem impossible.

By God's miracle and His promise not to abandon us, still we are able to keep working in Tsushima Island as missionaries for over 7 years with lots of blessings. As God promised us before we moved to Tsushima Island, we now have 8 believers and Bible seekers in our church and many children from our English school who believe in Jesus as their personal Savior.

Seven years ago, God gave us a vision to open a hands-on nature school where the island people might have a chance to know that God created this whole universe with his love. We prayed to God realizing that we were starting from nothing. Soon after we prayed, we found a closed public elementary school, which we were able to use for free. The school was very old so it took time for us to fix many parts in classrooms, but we enjoyed working on the issue because we knew it was God's vision and his plan to open the school for local people. About 6 months later, we prepared for school. God let us meet a new staff member who had a Christian background. We were very happy to meet her and now she comes to our church every Sabbath as a bible seeker. We pray for her every day!!

Another miracle we experienced was at the beginning of the nature school. We needed a lot of school supplies and financial support to manage the school, so we asked God's help again. After we prayed, one of my friends on the island took me to another closed elementary school. Amazingly, there were many school supplies like microscopes and other equipment for experiments which we needed, and they were put up for auction. Even though we did not bring enough money to buy much, God performed a miracle again!! There were more than 300 people who attended this auction, but no one wanted to buy those things. Eventually we were able to buy all of them for only 10 dollars. Thank you LORD! What a miracle for us!

After we opened our Nature school, we were also helping students who resist going to their public schools during the week and are at risk of becoming truant. We teach them not only Science education but teach about the Bible, and having purpose with a life in Christ. We can see through our work that the Holy Spirit is working on each student's heart and they have been getting better year by year.

We have been praying to God now that we can also start an Agriculture school for young people who lost their hope in Tsushima. They seclude themselves at home and some become very depressed, mentally and spiritually for many years. By taking them to the farm and working together, we hope we will be able to use it to share many object lessons using important examples from agricultural work and also to share the love of Christ.