Nature School

It has been from 2012 since we moved to Tsushima Island and started frontier evangelism. We started an English language school for elementary school students, a Korean language school for the local people, and a Tsushima nature school for both local children and adults. Under God's competent guidance, our missionary work has been growing, building a trusting relationship with local people year after year.

In the 2016, we had four volunteers who helped with the Nature School Program, using their professional talents that helped us offer a wide range of programs that were held in our nature school. By working with the new volunteer staff, we met more people interested in the Bible and invited them to evangelistic meetings, and gave copies of the magazine, The Signs of Times and other tracts.

Through the work of the nature school, I have been invited as a guest speaker to local public schools and a facility called 'Free Space', that supports students who resist going to public schools. Most of the children who go to Free Space were bullied at school. Therefore, I asked the Free Space President if I could host a gospel concert to share the message of a new hope and the purpose in life that God provides. The school President gladly accepted my request and on October 26, 2016 we held a Gospel concert at Free Space. For the event we invited professional gospel musicians from Hawaii.

Praise the Lord!!

God opened the President's heart and those of some students. 

After the concert, students came to our school weekly and studied the Bible. Please keep praying for those students who are in darkness, sincerely looking for the truth. We trust God is opening the door widely in Tsushima Island, in his time. We keep moving forward, even when things seem difficult.

Acceptance of at Risk Students in the Nature School

On Tsushima Island, according to the city's education board, it is estimated there are around 30 to 40 truant students. To help them, we decided to accept these truant students in our Nature School during the week. A few of these students have been attending the school. We noticed one of the students seemed very afraid of people. He could not answer our questions because of the traumas he had after being bullied at school. He also had many problems in his home. In our effort to help, we began to study the Bible with him. But soon the Principal of the Board of Education told us that we could not study the Bible with the student because his parents are Buddhist and they did not approve. In addition, in order for attendance to be counted as legitimate hours of study in a school program, they cannot be related to teaching a specific religion.

We were very disappointed and decided to pray to God so he would help the student. Our God is so wonderful! He answered our prayers. A couple months later his mother called us and said her son is getting better every day after he attends our school. She allowed us to study the Bible after school and begged us to encourage him as much as possible so he can have more confidence in life. He continues to study the Bible with us and is slowly returning to public school. I was truly thankful for this great miracle God performed in the student's heart.